Creating amazing Portraits using Windowlight

Creating amazing Portraits using Windowlight.

How much gear do you really need to put great light on a portrait? Not much. A good size window and an understanding of how to use all that beautiful light will get you a long way to a beautifully lit portrait.

This workshop is not about cool gear, it is about how to take something as simple as a window and use the light coming through it to make beautiful and eye catching portraits.

We will be working together to understand what the light is doing, how our camera is seeing the light, and then how we can modify and shape the light to best use it for portraiture. We will be working only with simple reflectors and defusers, but the results will surprise you.

Participants will want to have a basic understanding of how their camera works and how to adjust their camera in manual mode. This is a beginner workshop so we will be reviewing some of the basics as well.

Understanding portrait light
Choosing the right location, quality of light
Lighting ratios
High key, Low Key Lighting
Making simple light modifiers on a budget
Practical sessions using a model
Cameras and lens choice for portrait photography

This a full day course.

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