Aerial Photography

Aerial photography using the latest UAV aircraft, rooftop inspections, real estate photography, stills and video, cinematography in Ultra HD quality.

When possible we use a pilot, separate photographer controlling the on board camera, who also acts as a spotter for safety,
as required by CAA rules in New Zealand. Aerial photography with our UAV’s can be as little as $150 per hour; contact us today with your requirements
and we can quote for you.

We use the latest UAV  (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to provide the very best quality, high resolution still images, or video up to 4k resolution. DJI-Inspire-1 edit

DJI-Inspire-1-Storm-ShieldWe always fly under CAA rules and the govern local body rules.  Our aircraft  are maintained, preflight checks before every job, post production of images using Adobe products, Photoshop, Lightroom, & Premiere Pro CC. Where required  we use a pilot, camera
operator and spotter.


Our preferred aerial system is the DJI Inspire, its a superior  UAV, allowing us to provide the most efficient , quality job  for our clients. The aircraft can be flown in indoor and outdoor situations, the aircraft is capable of flying in strong gusty conditions, a truly versatile aerial system, in fact  we were the first business in New Zealand to order when these aircraft were announced.