What makes a good photographer?

What makes a good photographer?
Is it because you can afford expensive gear?
Is it because you have been taking photographs for many years?
Is it because you have won a photography competition?
Is it because somebody told you that you took great photographs?
Is it because you have sold some of your images?
Is it because you consider yourself to be a professional photographer?
Is it because your photographs are generally sharp and well exposed?

I am writing this blog post because a few days ago I had a young lady in my Master DSLR classs, make the comment to me about people she new or had seen on Facebook who called themselves very good photographers or even professional, and charged good money as well, but according to my student she thought the standard of most of these peoples work was quite bad. Most of them have done a course, and now considered themselves to be very good photographers. I know exactly what she means, and have seen many examples of this locally and online.

She wants to be a great photographer, she is eager to learn, it was refreshing to see  a person of her age (19 Years)  have such an outlook,  I am sure that she will be a an accomplished photographer very soon with such an outlook on the business.

I am not sure I know the answer, to the above, but personally the standard I have always aspired to is that quality I see the great masters and current day photographers who are leaders in there fields. Making alot of money does not make them a good photographer. Personally quality is the only thing that matters, sure you have to pay the bills, but selling your clients sub standard work is wrong. Many years ago I worked with a guy for six months or so, this was in the days of medium format cameras, no auto focus or auto exposure, he struggle with both focus and exposure, our boss was always reluctant to tell him, this went on for 6 months or so, then the bombshell was dropped, well by that time he just could not believe his work was so bad, he just couldn’t see it, since then I guess I have always been a tough critique on my own work and especially others that strike to create better images, I know you have to be kind, but telling somebody there doing well when there not is not the way.

I wrote weeks ago about the standard of image judging, this topic follows on from that, so tell me  what the answer is, I look forward to your comments, what does make a good or great photographer?


Cool doesn’t that look impressive,  she must be a professional photographer!

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