A different type of light!

A few days ago I had the opportunity to use my Ice Light from FJ Wescott, created by Jerry Ghionis. Its a continuous LED light source, ideal to add that accent or fill on the go.  It has a very warm feel to it, of course there are many tools available to give a similar effect, the Ice Light however, is just so easy to use, has a lithium battery, about an hour of contains light on full power, no heavy battery packs  like my Lowel light.

The image below  of Emma was shot in using existing light, the ice light placed at the left to add  another dynamic to the light.

I can see me using the Ice Light alot on the upcoming wedding season,  I think i will be selling my Lowel I-light, let me know if anybody is keen.

i will post more images using the light over the next few months.



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