Are modern cameras too technical?

Well its time for the soap box, I see so many photographers buy the latest equipment, but never take the time to learn how it works, or they either go out wanting to achieve amazing results, then have difficulty because they haven’t taken the time to learn, or even read the manual, (she’ll be right) put on auto,  then I ‘ll be take award winning photographs.

To achieve quality photographs  (how many photographers know what makes a good image) takes time to learn how your camera works and of course the fundamentals.  I hear so many people say, oh  its much more difficult to use than my old 35mm,  well its not!  In this day and age most people want immediate satisfaction,  they are not prepared to put in the hard yards.  Quite frankly they don’t know how lucky they are,  back in the good old days!  no auto focus,  you really had to learn how to pull and push focus,  exposure meters were so basic,  it was essential to use manual exposure, you would be carrying around maybe four prime lenses,  no quality zoom lens then.

After all whats the most important part of the camera,   is it the camera body with all the bells and whistles, no its the chunk of glass that makes up the lens, why not buy a basic camera body and invest in some quality glass.

With the advent of the internet a whole you world has opened up as far as learning goes, you just need to invest the time, Youtube is the 21st century encyclopedia, thousands of experienced people are prepared to share there skills online, learning has never been easier,  and its free.

Here are some Youtube channels that I visit on a regular basis:

Matts channel can be found here

And Jared Polins Youtube channel cab found at
Watch out for the sniff test!!
Jared is amazing and entertaining as he shares his knowledge of photography.

The last online resource that’s superb for all levels of photographers is Adorama TV
Hundreds of online lessons on all aspects of photography and tons of video sessions as well.

In future posts I will cover more of these online resources, there is really no excuse to challenge yourself, learn how to really use your gear, and take awesome images that amaze your friends and family.





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