New weekly blog posts for photographers

This week I start two new weekly blog posts, we have “Tech Tuesday” and “Inspire Thursday”.
“Tech Tuesday” will discuss or highlight the latest photographic gadget or discuss a technical aspect of photography.

“Inspire Thursday”  will highlight a photographer and what makes them different, or may highlight an outstanding image.
Todays post is the first for “Inspire Thursday”  and looks at the photography of Frank Doorhoft.

Frank is a fashion and glamour photographer with a very edgy style, his studio “Studio FD” is based in the Netherlands.  Frank likes to work with light in a very simple manner, many of his images a low key and stunning.
When Frank  is at work  you often find him using a traditional light / flash meter, measuring the light as he goes, he is not one to just shoot and correct,  recently Frank was interviewed for Twit TV; what is Twit TV,  well visit there site  and you will see its a place full of informative shows about photography and other tech subjects.

In this clip Frank shows you his simple techniques to create stunning portraits, with simple light, he also shows how he uses the Rogue Flash Bender  with his speedlites.

To find out more about Frank visit his website
To find out more about Rogue Flash Benders visit Expoimaging


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